Directory Update

The Directory of Ontario Outposts is Complete!  Outpost Lake Depth Maps are now being added regularly!

Well, the Ontario Outpost Directory is now complete!  There are still some minor updates to do, but the directory should now contain all the fly-in fishing outpost camps available in Ontario.  If you notice your favorite outpost is not listed, please send me an email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) so I can rectify that as soon as possible!   The next phase is adding the bathymetric (depth) maps of the outpost lakes.   You will find links to .JPG images of the lake depth maps under the Outpost Details Tab in the Outfitter Directory.  This will take place over the next while.   I do not possess maps for all the lakes in the directory, as they just don't exist, however I do have depth maps for at least 50%+ of them.  Also, the quality of the maps varies as the originals are digital scans of very old maps on folded, yellowed paper.  I will try my best to clean them up, but sometimes it's just not possible.    Feel free to let me know if you're map is not online and I will make it a priority!