Strong $US Nets Outpost Fishing Trip Deals

Washi Leuenbergers Wilderness Outposts WalleyeThe American dollar hasn't been this strong in over 10 years.   At today's rate, $1.00 US can purchase ~$1.30 Canadian.   To take full advantage of the stronger dollar on your next Canadian fishing trip look for outfitters that are charging in Canadian dollars!    Who doesn't enjoy a 30% savings? Of course, it's also important to keep in mind that there are plenty of other competitively priced outpost camps, even after taking the current exchange rate into consideration.    So, don't discount those just yet.   A seven day trip to an outpost camp for four adults is currently ~$1500+tax CDN ($1160 USD) per person, on average, based on currently posted rates.  I would consider anything $1100+tax CDN ($850 USD) or less per person a relatively good deal.   For the best deals, it's also important to pay attention to outfitters that offer seasonal deals (cheaper rates in the summer and/or fall), discounted rates for children and those that already include taxes in their posted rates.

Of course, this is only comparing the posted rates and doesn't take anything else into consideration, such as flight distance and quality of the accommodations.   We all know outposts range from the very rustic with few amenities to luxury cabins that have full bathrooms and stocked pantries.   It might be cliché, but more often than not, you really do get what you pay for when it comes to an outpost fishing camp.  So, don't assume the cheapest camp will be your best deal,  spend some time researching all the outfitters that fall within your price range [and travel distance], otherwise you might miss out on a some great deals even if you have to pay a little bit more money.  Of course, for the most part, the rates don't reflect the quality of the fishery.  Which is often the most important factor anyway!   

Regardless, a 30% savings is a great place to start!  So, to help with your research, I have provided a list of Ontario Outfitters that posted their rates in Canadian Dollars.   Have a great trip!

Western Ontario (Fort Frances, Ignace, Minaki, Nestor Falls, Sioux Lookout)

Allen's Crow Lake Lodge
Anderson's Lodge
Barber's Resort
Hanson's Hideaway Lodge & Getaway North Outposts
Ignace Outposts
Northern Sunrise Outfitters
Patricia Fly-In Outpost Camps
Quetico Air Service

Central Ontario (Armstrong, Nakina, Pickle Lake)

AMS Outposts
Ara Lake Camp
Arctic Watershed Outposts
Bauer's Onaman Lake Cabins
Esnagami Wilderness Lodge
Leuenberger's Wilderness Outposts [posted rates include taxes!]
Mattice Lake Outfitters
Northland Outfitters
Ogoki Lake Outfitters
Pickle Lake Outposts

Eastern Ontario (Cochrane, Foleyet, Hearst, Hawk Junction, Hornepayne, Wawa, White River)

Air Cochrane
Air Ivanhoe
Garson's Fly-In Outposts
Hawk Air
Hearst Air
Linbarr Lake Adventures
Outpost Camps Inc.
White River Air

Southern Ontario (Blind River, Orillia, Sudbury)

Lauzon Aviation
Rainbow Airways
Sudbury Aviation